Thursday, February 12, 2009

A gallery about Christina Jolie, beer and footsex!

hot legs feetI have just seen one more gallery from HotLegsAndFeet A drink of beer turns a formal foot job into a nasty footjob sex | Hot Legs And Feet free pics, and you know what? I liked it This drunk vixen Christina Jolie looks even hotter with a bottle . At first she seems somewhat funny playing with it but when it comes to the foot job Christina Jolie shows herself as a real master :) She is hell raunchy in miniskirt and white gauzy stilettos, and when she took them off and her bare feet and toes were fondling the dick from all possible positions I almost felt them on my throbbing friend . What I also liked is the quality of the pics, and their number :) .. not a couple of shots like in many other free galleries but something more decent. I guess on the site itself the number of the images in the sets is really impressive! There is nothing superfluous in the set, all is quite in place: tempting legs, sexy feet, toes, high heels of course, and their close-ups… all that I like on this site :) Btw there is a nice HotLegsAndFeet Review, Hot Legs And Feet information.. just to know more about the site and its content. Can anybody of you comment on their stuff? Is it really so quality and great?

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Excellent fishnet legs chained in lesbian fetish game

fishnets legs cuffed chainedAgain i provide link to free Hot Legs And Feet gallery. As usual i post link to almost full gallery of free pictures from HotLegsAndFeet with full size photos. In Lesbian girls in rough female game in Female extreme and fetish games gallery you will see perfect hot legs of Carol being chained and handcuffed and sexualy submitted by her lesbian mistress. Enjoy :)

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